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The Grand Master BLH is our absolute finest. The Grand Master is made of a 100% thick canvas core, covered with an outer layer of special high grade silk. 
Available in standard and extra width. For EXTRA WIDTH belts choose one size longer so that the embroidery will not be lost in the knot when tied. 
The Grand Master is designed to last and wear down slowly giving it a time honored feel.
The secret in the manufacturing of our belts is that the parts are cut and embroidered separately before being assembled and sewn together. 
As the only supplier Tokaido offer  three font options for our black belt embroidery. You may choose between Rising Dragon/Bold Cursive and Dragon God.
This is the reason why they are so strong, neat and beautifully finished. The embroidery will not show through on the reverse side. 
Please contact us if you need Danstripes, cost of each stripe is NOK 75,-
This is the hallmark of a true,
Made in Japan – Tokaido Black Belt.
Delivery time is 6-8 weeks.


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355cm, 340cm, 325cm, 310cm, 295cm, 280cm

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